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Experience kart racing at Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport is now attractive also for adrenaline lovers - they can experience kart racing. T-2 Prokarting is offering all flyljubljana members a 10 minute ride with a rent-a-kart for 10 euros


You are invited to join us for adrenaline fun every day between 12:00 and 21:00. 

T-2 Prokarting is known for their fast karting fleet and technically challenging race track (7 meters to 11 meters of width, 500 meters of length). They will consult you on technical driving approaches under high standards of active and passive safety.


Prokarting d.o.o.
+386 041 280 800
+386 41 782 913 

You can take advantage of the offer by presenting your flyljubljana e-card.