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Adria Airways

Direct flights from Ljubljana: Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Kiev, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Warsaw, Vienna, Zürich.

Amsterdam from EUR 179 
Brussels from EUR 180 
Copenhagen from EUR 189 
Frankfurt from EUR 183 
Kiev from EUR 169
Moscow from EUR 211
Munich from EUR 161 
Paris from EUR 179 
Podgorica from EUR 95
Prague from EUR 192
Pristina from EUR 179 EUR
Sarajevo from EUR 160
Skopje from EUR 169 
Tirana from EUR 179
Vienna from EUR 166
Warsaw from EUR 174
Zurich from EUR 196

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LOT Polish Airlines

Direct flights from Ljubljana: Warsaw

Direct and connecting flights promotional offers:

Poland                                                   Other destinations                                     
Gdansk from EUR 230 
Katowice from EUR 228 
Krakow from EUR 232 
Poznan from EUR 233 
Rzeszow from EUR 231 
Szczecin from EUR 232 
Warsaw from EUR 135
Wroclaw from EUR 234
Amsterdam from  EUR 211 
Barcelona from EUR 411 
London from EUR 276 
Paris from EUR 229 
Stockholm from EUR 170 
Vilnius from EUR 264
Chicago from EUR 529 
New York from EUR 575 
Toronto from EUR 709
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Turkish Airlines

Direct flights from Ljubljana: Istanbul

Istanbul from EUR 119 (special price from 10 October on)

Direct and connecting flights promotional offers:

Teheran že od 359 EUR
New York že od 470 EUR
Kuala Lumpur že od 519 EUR
Bejing že od 529 EUR
Miami že od 531 EUR
Tokyo že od 579 EUR
Seul že od 589 EUR
Johannesburg že od 599 EUR
Zanzibar že od 600 EUR
Seychelles že od 603 EUR
Manila že od 670 EUR
Mauritius že od 702 EUR
Poslovni razred:
Tbilisi že od 800 EUR
Tel Aviv že od 900 EUR
Dubai že od 1400 EUR
Teheran že od 1400 EUR
New Delhi že od 1600 EUR
Mumbai že od 1700 EUR
Peking že od 2100 EUR
Singapore že od 2100 EUR
Shanghai že od 2200 EUR
New York že od 2300 EUR


The offers may change.

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Air Serbia

Direct flights from Ljubljana: Belgrade

Direct and connecting flights promotional offers:

Athens from EUR 265 
Belgrade from EUR 159 
Istanbul from EUR 190
Moscow from EUR 232
Larnaca from EUR 326
Abu Dhabi from EUR 356
Skopje from EUR 149 
Sofia from EUR 233 
Thessaloniki from EUR 250
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Air France

Direct flights from Ljubljana: Paris

France Europe
Annecy from EUR 379
Biarritz from EUR 379 
Bordeaux from EUR 328 
Lourdes from EUR 385
Lyon from EUR 227
Marseille from EUR 227 
Montpellier from EUR 379 
Mulhouse from EUR 381 
Nantes from EUR 328 
Nice from EUR 218 
Paris from EUR 105 
Perpignan from EUR 381
Rennes from EUR 382  
Strasbourg from EUR 293
Toulouse from EUR 278
Quimper from EUR 328
Algier from EUR 321
Barcelona from EUR 238
Bilbao from EUR 277
Birmingham from EUR 252
Brussels from EUR 274 
Casablanca from EUR 267
Dublin from EUR 272
Dusseldorf from EUR 289
Edinburgh from EUR 326
Geneva from EUR 200
Goteborg from EUR 287 
Lisbon from EUR 209
London from EUR 155
Newcastle from EUR 326
Oslo from EUR 288
Madrid from EUR 238
Manchester from EUR 252
Stockholm from EUR 181
Tunis from EUR 268



Bangkok from EUR 599
Chennai from EUR 603
Delhi from EUR 669
Hanoi from EUR 699
Hong Kong from EUR 669
Ho Chi Minh City from EUR 729
Bengaluru from EUR 789
Wuhan from EUR 829
Male from EUR 899
Mumbai from EUR 729
Osaka from EUR 649
Seoul from EUR 639
Shanghai from EUR 659
Singapore from EUR 579
Tokyo from EUR 679
South America
Bogota from EUR 639
Caracas from EUR 699
Panama City from EUR 729
Buenos Aires from EUR 809
Mavricij from EUR 839
Montevideo from EUR 1269
Porto Alegre from EUR 849
Rio de Janeiro from EUR 669
Sao Paulo from EUR 709
Lima from EUR 759
Antananarivo from EUR 829
St. Denis from EUR 839
San Jose from EUR 989
Santiago from EUR 1159
Abidjan from EUR 889
Accra from EUR 869
Dakar from EUR 689
Dar es Salaam from EUR 719
Entebbe from EUR 769
Johannesburg from EUR 759
Kigali from EUR 819
Kilimanjaro from EUR 769   
Lagos from EUR 719
Nairobi from EUR 759   



Direct flights from Ljubljana: Amsterdam

Amsterdam from 35 € (price for one-way ticket)

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Direct flights from Ljubljana: London

London (Stansted) from EUR 32,08 (price for one-way ticket)
London (Gatwick) from EUR 34,33  (price for one-way ticket)

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Montenegro Airlines

Direct flights from Ljubljana: Podgorica

Direct flights promotional offers:

Belgrade from EUR 200,06
Podgorica from EUR 125,66 

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Wizz Air


Direct low-cost flights from Ljubljana: London, Brussels.

London (Luton) from EUR 14,99 (price for one-way ticket)
Brussels (Charleroi) from EUR 9,99 (price for one-way ticket) 

All flight offers to London and Brussels:

Listed prices of flight tickets are for return flights, if not stated otherwise. Their availability depends on the desired travelling time frame and number of available seats on-board. Details on purchase conditions and other information is available on websites of airlines.