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Free transfer of your dog from airport to Pasja hiša Bellevue


When you are away on vacation, business trip or have other commitmets, your dog can enjoy his own vacation at Pasja hiša Bellevue, located near Ljubljana Airport. For flyljubljana members they offer free transfer of their pets from the airport to the dog sitting house and back.

The offer is valid, if your dog spends at least 3 days in Pasja hiša Bellevue.

Pasja hiša Bellevue is situated close to Ljubljana Airport. It is a perfect place for your dog's vacation. While you are away, he will feel like at home and enjoy in exploring new places together with his new friends. Every dog is an individual guest and they take care of his individual needs. The dogs are equal family members and live with Pasja hiša's owners inside the house. For additional information and reservations contact: or over the phone: +386 51 323 851.

The offer is available upon presentation of your flyljubljana membership e-card.